10 weaknesses of Nigeria media reports on oil sector

House-to-House Project on Media for Oil ReformToday, three ladies took the Media for Oil Reform (MFOR) House-to-House Project to the Daily Trust headquarters in Abuja. They include Sarah Muyonga, the Nigeria Manager of Natural Resource Governance Institute; Toyin Akinniyi, the Media Capacity Development Associate of NRGI; and Motunrayo Alaka of the Wole Soyinka Investigative Journalism Centre. A survey  carried out on media reports on oil and gas  by 7 publications over a period of one month revealed the following 10 weaknesses, among others:
1. Large quantity but low quality of reports on issues in the sector
2. Lack of investigative and interpretative reporting
3. Poor understanding of revenue principles
4. Limited contacts with experts in the sector
5. Poor or non-existent data journalism
6. The NNPC not taken to task on issues of transparency and accountability
7. Massive predictable stories from press releases and conferences
8.Limited institutional support for reporting oil and gas
9. Low follow-up stories
10. Lack of passion for reporting the sector.
It was a sober moment, but we smiled with the ladies after the bashing. But the good news: they are ready to collaborate with Daily Trust in tackling these inadequacies

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