It’s My New Year (Poetry)

theophilus-abbahIt’s My New Year
It’s a new dawn
It’s my new dawn
As the bleary breeze
From the rustling rain
At dawn
Drizzles into my grateful heart
In the green Abuja city
It’s my New Year!

Yes, it’s my New Year
On this day
I inhaled the air of the earth
On this day
Like the eagle
My soul turns a new leaf
My body glows in innocence

With achy feet
Tearful eyes
Sinking hope
Fearful heart
I’ve travelled the days, the years
On the lonely earth
Oh Lord
With a grateful voice I’ve come
Through the decades
Oh, Friday, thou son of August
Grandson of ages,
To say: Thank you, Lord

I thank you, Lord
Thou that saveth me from the mouth of lions
I thank you
Thou that leadeth me through the dark desert
I thank you
Thou that protected me from the fingers of death
I thank you
Thou that keepeth me from cascading into hell
I thank you
Thou filleth my mouth with good things
I thank you, Lord.

It’s a new dawn
It’s my new dawn
It’s my new day
It’s my new year
I have a new life
I’m alive
In the land of the living
Thank you, Lord
It’s my new year!
It’s my birthday.

Friday, August 26, 2016.

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